Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jesus First Christmas

Jesus First Christmas

How do you remember 
Your First Christmas? 
Did You wonder at the sound of Your own new voice? 
Can you still feel that love that wrapped You snuggly in swaddled clothes as Mary held You close? Could there ever have been too many kisses on Your downy little head? Can you still hear Mary's soft lullabies? 
When Joseph first held You, did Your heavenly Father look on with longing? Did Your wave Your amazing little fingers fro Him to see? 
Did the star look as bright to You from Bethlehem looking up?
 Did the hay tickle Your toes?
 Did the little lambs nuzzle their noses in Your face when Mary wasn't looking? 
Were the shepherds out of breath when they arrived? 
When the wisemen finally arrived, did they understand how amazing it was to see that the Lord of all Creation would humbly crawl into our world on chubby little hands and knees?

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