Saturday, December 31, 2016

3D Christmas Church

I am on a Design Team with ScraPerfect and this is the post that I did on the ScraPerfect Blog for the Christmas Eve's Post.

I have been wanting to make a Christmas Town/Village for some time now, but I have been reluctant because I did not know how I would store the Paper Buildings away from Christmas to Christmas each year.  I did not want to put all that work into something to have to throw it away.   
Please take the time and take a look, see some to the work that went into building of the Church and the storage salutation I came up with for storage. If you would be so kind please leave a comment.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Diaper Castle

This is another great SVG File from


I have always loved Butterflies
and I have wanted to make some 3D Art Word

Prayer Box

This is a Pray Box I made for my Husband years ago
and just now posting

There is a Draw at the bottom

And it open up on top

I Corinthians 13
was the Bible verse them for our wedding 

Valentine's Day 2016

 This is something that I made for our home 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Map of the United States of America

I finally did it!

I finally got down in my Crafting Area and made the map that has been in my head for a while now.

I have been wanting to have more time to do my crafting so I became a Independent Travel Agent. Here my agency INFO my website and "Like" Me on Face Book

This is the map that I have been wanting to make

 I first had to decide what I wanted to put it on. 
So I chose this piece of wood because it has such beautiful veins.
They are going to help make movement for the Oceans. 

I painted the board and as you can see it gave it such wonderful markings

These are the pieces before inking the edges of them 

See how much detail the inking gives the pieces 

I put the pieces together in to large maps so that I can put the Mississippi River through the map.

Here is the map with the Mississippi River and and the Great Lakes

There is just a little Glitter in the Mississippi

I put Clear Push Pins at the State that I have been

I am so Loving the out come

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Mix-on The Memories 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jesus First Christmas

Jesus First Christmas

How do you remember 
Your First Christmas? 
Did You wonder at the sound of Your own new voice? 
Can you still feel that love that wrapped You snuggly in swaddled clothes as Mary held You close? Could there ever have been too many kisses on Your downy little head? Can you still hear Mary's soft lullabies? 
When Joseph first held You, did Your heavenly Father look on with longing? Did Your wave Your amazing little fingers fro Him to see? 
Did the star look as bright to You from Bethlehem looking up?
 Did the hay tickle Your toes?
 Did the little lambs nuzzle their noses in Your face when Mary wasn't looking? 
Were the shepherds out of breath when they arrived? 
When the wisemen finally arrived, did they understand how amazing it was to see that the Lord of all Creation would humbly crawl into our world on chubby little hands and knees?

Thank you for looking
Comments are greatly appreciated 


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