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Scrapbook Desigh & You

Scrapbooking is more than just the completed layout. It’s the process, the community and the enjoyment of preserving your family memories making this hobby so completely unique.

Eleven years ago when Joy Macdonell (co-owner of the first scrapbook store in the Washington DC area) first discovered that traditional scrapbook classes did not teach how to develop a strong scrapbook foundation, she set out to write her own curriculum. After two years of test marketing the SDU® program in her store, Joy approached then CEO of EK Success Brands, Chris Skinner, about the potential of offering SDU to scrapbookers across the globe. What began was a passionate focus by EK Success Brands to provide innovation and inspiration through education. Scrapbook Design & You® (formerly Scrapbook Design University) has gone from a single store in Fairfax, VA, to more than 1,500 stores with over 350,000 students in 9 countries, and is currently the only comprehensive program of its kind available today for scrapbooking.

Scrapbook Design & You® is now comprised of four 2-hour classes and teaches beginner through advanced scrapbookers the essential scrapbook theories and principles of design. Joy's philosophy is "there is no wrong way to scrapbook, but if you know the fundamentals, you will be empowered to create any page with your own style." In these classes students learn about the emotional value of scrapbooking along with the basics on how to plan and prepare for a scrapbook project.

Class 1 - Scrapbook Basics

In Scrapbook Basics, students discover the inspiration that comes from creating scrapbooks. This class will orient all levels of papercrafters to the tools of the trade, practical organization and the elements of scrapbook design. Learn step-by-step how to create focus and unity through a variety of matting techniques and leave class with a full understanding of the elemental components of scrapbooking.

Class 2 - Building Blocks of Design
A working knowledge of color theory and its relation to designing scrapbook pages is essential to the development of well structured layouts. Combining this understanding with the building blocks (photographs, journaling, titles, enhancements, color, line, letter and shape) and the principles of design structure will assist scrapbookers in the creation of strong layouts that complete a balanced and unified story.

Class 3 - The Power of the Pen

A picture is not always worth a thousand words. It is vital that every scrapbook designer develop an appreciation for the integration of the written word on a scrapbook page. The Power of the Pen will provide students with basic writing techniques and exercises to assist in the development of engaging titles and impact filled journal entries. Additionally, students will begin to understand the influence that hand lettering has on their reader, and how to incorporate their personal script into each design.

Class 4 – The Final Touch

Embellishing scrapbook pages is a true testament in the development of a papercrafter's design process. Page enhancements such as titles, stickers and punch art, allow the designer to create balance, rhythm, movement, contrast and depth with a layout. Design spectacular titles, learn techniques that give new vitality to your collection of stickers, develop knowledge of punch maintenance and the incorporation of punch art design in layout design.

Following the first class, students are asked to bring their basic tools to class, along with photos and materials with which to make their first project. Instructors work hands-on with their students to assist in taking the principles and theories of each lesson and provide practical application through creating a layout. Once students have completed the Scrapbook Design & You program, they are well on their way to making their first scrapbook album and achieve a graduate status complete with certificate and pin from EK Success Brands.

In 2009, EK Success Brands expanded the outreach of the SDU program, and in addition to local scrapbook stores, Scrapbook Design & You is now offered in AC Moore, Jo-Ann and beginning this summer will be offered in all Michaels stores as well. As a result, Joy Macdonell along with SDU Education Manager, Shane Hershey have built a team of Certified SDU Instructors who have mastered the complexities of design and are ready to teach students how to understand design elements in order to create scrapbook pages effortlessly.

For anyone wishing to become a part of this ever growing team of passionate teachers, they can apply at

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