Monday, January 24, 2011

In seach of 2,400 Photo Organizer Box

I am in search of a company that sells the kind of Photo Organizer Box like the Creative Memories "Power Sort System" - The Large Box


Jenny said...

Hello! I am also on the hunt for these large 2400 photo storage boxes. I have 2 of them - ordered them from which is the same company as ABC Distributing that your link below your picture takes you to! But now they aren't offering them! I'm still looking . . . I'll let you know if I find them, and will you do the same? Jenny at Hopefully we won't have to end up splurging on CM's version, huh? :o) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Mix-on The Memories said...

Thanks "Anonymous",

I ordered 3 from

Anonymous said...

this exact box is sold through Lakeside Collections,
a catalog company that also sells on internet. I just ordered one today.j,e

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