Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gypsy for Sale

Okay everyone, I have a Gypsy that I am going to sell. I has the Cartridges Birthday Cakes, Cake Basics, Cindy Loo, Elegant Cakes, Freshly Picked, Holiday Cakes, Mini Monsters and Wall D├ęcor and More and of course Gypsy Font and Wanderings. The Cartridges will be included.

This Gypsy was loaded the eight Cartridges and used for a few Demonstrations. I am looking to sell everything for $250.00 that is the Gypsy for $80.00 and the Cartridges for $20.00 each with no tax. Price also includes S/H. Payment will be done through PayPal.

Birthday Cakes and Cake Basics

Cindy Loo and Elegant Cakes

Freshly Piked and Holiday Cakes

Mini Monsters and Wall Decor and More

They have to be sold together because the Cartridges are already linked to the Gypsy.

So that is 1 Gypsy, 8 Cartridges for $250.00 with no S/H charge and no Tax. Payment by PayPay.

It is packed and ready to be shipped
all it needs it your name and address.

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LIVE - LAUGH - LOVE said...

Hi my name is Sheila, Please email me regarding your Gypsy.

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